Head of ETF Launches

Ally Mueller

General Counsel

Mike Pellegrino

Head of Distribution

Matt Michaelson

Head of Special Projects

Hatim Banaja

Marketing Manager

Stacie Kreag

PM & Head of Trading

Charles Ragauss

Portfolio Manager

Michael Gayed

Portfolio Manager

Dan Weiskopf

Head of Research

Cinthia Murphy

Portfolio Manager

David Dziekanski

PM, Trading and Quantitative Analysis

Qiao Duan

PM & Specialty Trading

Ben McCaig

PM, Trading and Broker Relations

Eric Kelly

Trading Relationship Manager

Telmo Rueda

Marketing Support

Linda Venuto

VP of Compliance

Tom Newberg

Advertising Compliance Manager

Meghan Thompson

Advertising Compliance Analyst

Greta Burgdorf

Fund Administration

Aaron Perkovich

Fund Compliance Manager

Lissa Richter

Fund Admin

Joey Olszewski

Marketing Associate

Mac Patch

Marketing Coordinator

Madeleine Schanz

Director of Technology and Cyber Security

Tiago DeMesquita

Database & CRM Management

Margaret Burgdorf

VP of Operations & Reporting

Nadine Mosco

Compliance Consultant

Nadia Gayed

VP, ETF Research and Distribution

Daniel Santiago

Operations Specialist

Andrew Gerin