Co-Founder & CEO

Guillermo Trias

Co-Founder & CIO

Michael Venuto

Co-Founder & CFO

Dan Carlson

Co-Founder & COO, Tidal Investments LLC

Eric Falkeis

Chief Compliance Officer, Tidal Investments LLC

William Woolverton

VP of Launches & Client Success Management, Tidal Investments LLC

Ally Mueller

Mike Pellegrino General Counsel at Tidal Financial Group

General Counsel

Michael Pellegrino

SVP of ETF Sales & Distribution

Matt Michaelson

SVP of Operations

Hatim Banaja

AVP of Client Success Management

Christina Stage

SVP of PM & Trading

Charles Ragauss

VP of Portfolio Management

Michael Gayed

Portfolio Manager

Daniel Weiskopf

VP of Portfolio Management

David Dziekanski

VP of PM & Trading

Qiao Duan

VP of PM & Trading

Benjamin McCaig

AVP of PM & Trading

Eric Kelly

Trading Analyst

Will Hart

Trading Europe & ME

Telmo Rueda

Research Analyst

Ryan Fitzgerald

Marketing Analyst

Linda Venuto

VP of Compliance

Thomas Newberg

AVP of Compliance

Meghan Thompson

Compliance Analyst

Greta Burgdorf

SVP of Fund Administration, Tidal Investments LLC

Aaron Perkovich

VP of Fund Governance and Compliance, Tidal Investments LLC

Lissa Richter

AVP of Client Success Management

Joey Olszewski

VP of IT and Cyber Security

Tiago DeMesquita

VP of Database Management

Margaret Burgdorf

VP of Operations

Nadine Mosco

Compliance Analyst

Nadia Gayed

VP of ETF Sales and Distribution

Daniel Santiago

AVP of Revenue Operations

Andrew Gerin

Marketing Analyst

Aishni Chatterjee

Marketing Analyst

Brandon Le

VP of Business Development

Brittany Christensen

SVP of Derivatives Trading

Chris Mullen

SVP of Marketing

Claire Du Plessis

AVP of Fund Administration

Jennifer Smith

VP of Outsourced Compliance Services

John McDevitt

VP of Fund Governance and Compliance

Kelly Lavari

VP of Marketing

Mark Pilatowski

VP of Fund Administration, Tidal Investments LLC

Melissa Breitzman

Fund Administration Analyst

Nikki Spangler

AVP of Fund Administration

Peter Chappy

VP of Operations & Risk

Ryan Bader