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Active Portfolio Management Services

“Assets are the only thing that separate “research” from “portfolio management”, at Tidal, our portfolio managers understand the business of fiduciary asset management.”

Mike Venuto, CIO Tidal

  • Prelaunch

  • Portfolio Management

  • Product Support

  • Content Participation

Strategy Development

  • Designing a strategy for your objective
  • Weighting methodologies
  • Security selection process including a buy/sell discipline
  • Coordinate with legal to convey the strategy to the  regulators
  • Competitive analysis versus current ETF market

Portfolio Management



  • Daily review of the holdings and asset allocation
  • Full support of lead portfolio managers backed by a 14-person investment committee that formally meets weekly
  • Proprietary software tools and security master utilized for idea generation
  • Engagement with company management as part of the research process

Product Support

  • Participation in due diligence and RFP request
  • Participation in client meetings and sponsored webinars
  • Available to speak with press and media about the strategy

Content Participation



  • Assistance in video or other media properties to support the ETF
  • Written commentary can be produced to support the strategy
  • Utilization of portfolio managers social media to support the ETF

Trading Execution Services

Back Office and Compliance



  • AP oversight
  • Daily compliance monitoring
  • Portfolio testing – liquidity, prospectus, SAI, exchange, IRC, 1940’ Act
  • Best execution
  • Quarterly board reporting & commentary

Trade Execution


Support complexity and innovation, Examples:

  • Long/Short ETFs
  • ETFs of ETFS
  • Foreign domiciled
  • Derivatives
  • Foreign exchange & currency administration
  • Seeding & portfolio implementation

Research and Analysis



  • Thought leadership & insights
  • Industry expertise & network leveraging
  • Product development
  • Capital markets reporting
  • Risk management
  • Index consulting & testing

Tax Optimization and Capital Markets 



  • Custom baskets
  • Gain/loss harvesting via Heartbeat Trades
  • Daily performance and weekly capital markets reports
  • Tax lot reporting

A One Stop Shop Platform

Clients receive the distribution and economics qualities of an asset manager, with the full support of an ETF platform.

A Full Service Platform

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