TAPP Engine® is a B2B2C provider of SaaS embedded finance solutions for financial services intermediaries. We serve the needs of credit unions, community banks, advisors, brokers, and other financial services companies who want to launch new branded digital products quickly. Our

Puzzle Financial

Puzzle is a whole new way for founders and finance teams to work. We are the new center of a modern financial stack, creating a scalable, API-based financial data platform so the next generation of leaders can build their company using


CIBC is here to help all our clients reach their goals. We know the importance of reliable financial products and services, and we’re dedicated to providing them in a way that lets you bank however you want, whenever you want. With

Sweet Financial

At Sweet Financial, our goal isn’t just to help you manage your investments—it’s to inspire you to pursue your version of the perfect retirement. Because to our family of advisors, you’re more than a client; you’re the sole architect of your