Cambria is an independent, privately owned investment advisory firm focused on quantitative asset management and alternative investments. The Company's mission is to preserve and grow capital by producing above-average absolute returns with low correlation to traditional assets and manageable risk. The


Sprott was founded in 1981 by Eric Sprott, an early champion of precious metals investing. We have grown steadily over the past four decades, broadening our investment strategies while remaining focused on our core strengths. Today, Sprott is a global asset

Subversive ETFs

Subversive ETFs are dedicated to investing in radical companies whose core missions subvert the status quo. Each Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) focuses on a different mission-driven emerging sector that we believe will shape the economy of the future. The companies we invest

Ultra Blue Capital

Ultra Blue Capital, LLC (UBC) is an SEC-registered active asset management firm and is wholly owned by Big Data Federation, Inc. Our parent company's home-grown technology engine applies machine-learning algorithms to mass holistic data to predict company, industry, and economic fundamentals together with security price


HANetf is an independent ETF specialist working with asset management leaders to bring differentiated, modern and innovative ETF exposures to European investors via an independent white-label platform.


Turn to GeaSphere Advisors in Cranston and Warwick, Rhode Island, for a Registered Investment Advisor firm providing Elite Wealth Management services. Our mission provides you a clear mind over money philosophy for achieving desired investment results.


Formidable Asset Management is a registered investment advisory company that offers wealth management, insurance, financial planning, Alternative Investment Management, and business consulting. We offer a wide range of investment services and custody and clear all our accounts through Raymond James Financial.


Cultivars are produced by careful selection. For instance, the world’s agricultural food crops are almost exclusively cultivars that have been selected for characteristics such as improved yield, flavor, and resistance to disease.   Cultivar Capital hopes to implement these same traits

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