Days Global Advisors

Our mission is to provide you with innovative investment solutions that promote an exceptional I.D.E.A (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) to the historically exclusive field of generational wealth investing. We open your access to the sophisticated strategies family offices use to

CNIC Funds

CNIC is an investment platform for carbon neutral commodity investment products. CNIC applies rigorous fundamental and quantitative analysis with decades of industry experience to create innovative financial products for investors.

Carbon Collective

Our mission is to force major corporations to transition and decarbonize faster, ideally as fast as possible. By offering climate-forward portfolios at the same price and similar diversity as generic ones, we aim to collectivize and amplify our voices into the

Robinson Capital

Founded in December 2012, Robinson Capital is an independent investment advisor specialized in developing traditional and alternative fixed income solutions. Our investment approach employs both fundamental and value techniques to best identify positive risk/reward opportunities and to maintain a consistent and

Zega Financial

ZEGA Financial is an SEC-registered investment adviser and investment manager that specializes in derivatives. The firm, which was founded in 2011, leverages technology, data, experience and proprietary strategies to craft products and services for advisors and individual investors.   ZEGA Financials’

SP Funds

At SP Funds, we specialize in helping investors achieve investment goals aligned with their values. With roots in socially responsible investing and fundamental analysis, our ETFs are a reflection of our long-term perspective and highly disciplined approach.


SonicShares™ is rooted in over a decade of experience developing and pioneering exchange-traded products. SonicShares™ leverages this experience to recognize dominant, large scale trends and, in turn, develops thematic ETFs that seek to provide exposure to companies and sectors that will

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